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August 28 1963
(+ means you need both    ~ means same material    °° means stereo or binaural    ° means mono)
(SFS = Short False Start | FS = False Start | LFS or BD (Breakdown) = Long False Start | PB (Playback) or Complete = Complete Take)

MGM Sound Stage - Hollywood, California
Soundtrack Session for 'Viva Las Vegas'
Musical Director for MGM : George Stoll
Engineer : Fred Mulculpin

Musicians:   Backup Vocals:
Alton Hendrickson
Bass: Keith Mitchell  
Drums: Frank Carlson  
Drums: Charles Flores  
Piano: Calvin Jackson  
Saxophone: Gus Bivona; Ronald Laninger; Don Lodice; William Green; Gene Cipriano
Trumpet: Uan Rasey; George Werth; James Zito; Manuel Stevens
Trombone: Richard Noel; Randall Miller; Karl De Karshe; Elmer Schneider
Harp: Dorothy Remsen  

Appreciation (#1) (Ann Margret)
2020 August 28 1963 (Wed)
Take 1 SFS
Take 2 SFS      
Take 3 (M) 4:13 (not used ?)  

Appreciation (#2) (Ann Margret)
2021 August 28 1963 (Wed)
Take 1 (M)

Appreciation (#3) (Ann Margret)
2022 August 28 1963 (Wed)
Take 1        
Take 2 (M) 2:06  

The Courtship (instrumental)(?)
2023 August 28 1963 (Wed)(?)
Take NA M 1:24   Soundtrack°~Viva Las Vegas - The Alternate Album°

Appreciation (instrumental bridge / drum insert)
2024 August 28 1963 (Wed)
Take 1        
Take 2        
Take 3 (M)      

Appreciation (movie version - composite)
Spliced M 4:27 Composite of 2021-01, 2024-03
& ending of 2022-02
(listed in music logs as 2020-02)
Soundtrack° (4:08)~From Santa Monica Blvd, LA, California°° (4:01)
+Viva Las Vegas - The Alternate Album°°

My Rival (Ann Margret)
2025 August 28 1963 (Wed)
Take 1 M
2:04   Soundtrack°~Ann Margret Box (Bear Family)°~From Santa Monica Blvd,
LA, California°


Elvis did not sing on any of these recordings, but they were featured in Viva Las Vegas.

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