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Girls! Girls! Girls!
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(Girls! Girls! Girls!)
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Recording Sessions
(Girls! Girls! Girls!)
Girls! Girls! Girls! - Recording Sessions
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(Girls! Girls! Girls!)
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Original Soundtrack LP
(LPM/LSP 2621)
Girls! Girls! Girls! - LP (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Extended Soundtrack CD
(Follow That Dream - CD)
Girls! Girls! Girls! - Extended Soundtrack

Movie Synopsis

Ross Carpenter (Elvis Presley) is skipper of a charter fishing boat for Alexander Stavros (Frank Puglia) a genial Greek who also owns a sleek sailboat called the "West Wind." Ross and his father had built this boat just before the latter's death. Ross's first mate is Chen Yung. Ross lives on the "West Wind," which Stavros has agreed to sell back to him when the youth has saved enough money to buy it back at a fair price.

But Stavros is forced to move to Arizona with his ailing wife and it is with reluctance that he tells Ross that he is forced to sell everything, including the sailboat, in order to raise enough money for the move.

Robin Gantner (Stella Stevens) singer in a local night club is in love with Ross, but despite her attentions, she realises that the "West Wind" is his first love.

After a clash with an obstreperous drunk in the night club, Ross meets his heckler's lovely companion, Laurel Dodge (Laurel Goodwin) and he finishes off by making a lunch date with her for the next day.

Unavoidably late for the date, Ross finds Laurel sitting with an older man. He leaves angrily and returns to the "West Wind" before Laurel has had time to explain the situation to him.

The next day she goes to the "West Wind" to explain to Ross that the man she was with was her father. They arrange a dinner date for that evening and just as Laurel is leaving, Robin arrives.

Hurt by his attitude of "let's just be good friends" and now jealous of Laurel, Robin complains to Ross that if it isn't boats it's "Girls, girls, girls." She tearfully leaves him to ponder over this statement. That night Ross takes Laurel to the Stavros's anniversary party where she meets many of his friends including the delightful Stavros twins, Linda and Leona.

The next day, Ross takes Laurel sailing in the "West Wind" and tells her all about his old dream of owning the boat which Stavros now must sell to another customer. When a storm threatens they take shelter at Paradise Cove, a unique settlement built around the smoked fish business. Among the colourful inhabitants of the island are Chen's parents, Kin and Madame Yung.

The storm breaks and the Yungs put them up for the night. During their stay, Laurel reveals that she is trying to forget a romance which ended badly for her and is wary of falling in love again. But their mutual symptoms indicate that it is too late to change the way they feel towards each other.

When the storm is over they return to find that Stavros has sold everything to Wesley Johnson a hard business boat broker and operator. Despite his instant antagonism, Ross goes to work for the new owner on one of the tuna boats. Chen also joins Ross as part of the deal. Johnson infuriates Ross by nearly doubling the price of the "West Wind" and telling him that it is up for sale again, to him or anyone else who can afford to pay the price.

To raise the money for the boat, Ross takes an evening job working as a singer in the night club where Robin also sings. He is an instant hit and this makes Robin very angry and she accuses him of moving in on her field. And every day working with Johnson increases Ross's hostility to his new boss.

Laurel gets a job and a tiny apartment, where she cooks a dinner for Ross with ludicrous results. But their romance continues to flourish. With money from her wealthy father, Laurel buys the "West Wind" warning Johnson that he must tell no one that it was she who bought the boat.

Ross catches Johnson trying to cheat him and a furious fight ensues. However, it ends abruptly when Ross notices that the "For Sale" sign is no longer on the "West Wind." Hearing it has been sold, all the fight goes out of him.

Moved by his despair at losing the boat, Laurel admits that she is the new owner, telling him she bought it for him. She confesses that she kept her wealth a secret because, until Ross came along, the men who attracted her proved to be primarily after her money.

But her fond intentions have unwittingly involved Ross's two most sensitive emotions, his love for the "West Wind" and a violent aversion to anything resembling charity. The reason for this is because since his father's death he's had a large and humiliating dose.

After an angry embarrassed attempt to explain this to Laurel, Ross abruptly walks away leaving her utterly unhappy.

Later Laurel seeks out Robin, tells her what has happened and humbly asks where Ross might have gone. At first Robin is vengefully pleased by Laurel's plight but then she realises that she has finally overcome her own love for Ross and suggests to Laurel that "when he gets into a mood he just disappears, and now the Stavros's have gone, he's probably at Paradise Cove with the Yung's."

Laurel has the boat to get there but no one to sail it. She asks Johnson if he will sail her there and he willingly agrees. So, they set off in the "West Wind."

From his chores on the tuna boat, Chen recognizes the sail boat and Johnson and Laurel. He calls Ross at the cove on the radio phone, and tells him that he thinks Laurel is in trouble.

Ross hurries to rescue her in an out-board and boards the "West Wind." Before anyone can explain he knocks down Johnson and makes him agree to buy the boat back from Laurel.

That night at a huge colourful party at Paradise Cove, Ross revises his plans for the future and asks a very happy Laurel to marry him.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 79, August 1966)