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Kid Galahad
Movie Poster
(Kid Galahad)
Kid Galahad
Recording Sessions
(Kid Galahad)
Kid Galahad - Recording Sessions
Recording Information
(Kid Galahad)
October 26 / 27 1961
Original Soundtrack EP
(EPA 4371)
Kid Galahad - EP (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Extended Soundtrack CD
(Follow That Dream - CD)
Kid Galahad - Extended Soundtrack
Complete Session CD
(Follow That Dream - 2xCD set)
The Kid Galahad Sessions

Movie Synopsis

Back from the Army, Walter Gulick (played by Elvis) hitch-hikes his way to Cream Valley, a vacation hamlet in the Catskill Mountains, and drops by Grogan's Gaelic Gardens, a training camp for fighters owned by Willy Grogan who operates the place with his fiancee, Dolly Fletcher.

Walter, an auto specialist in the Army, is looking for work but the only job Willy can offer is that of sparring partner to Joie Shakes, a hard-punching young pro. Despite Dolly's warning that he will be slaughtered, Walter accepts.

At that moment, Lew Nyack, the camp's fight trainer, calls Willy aside and tells him that Otto Danzig, New York underworld figure, is waiting to see him in a motel down the road.

When Willy arrives, Otto greets him with the news that the N.Y. Grand Jury is about to launch an investigation into the mysterious beating administered to one Rocky Virgil in a steam room. Willy, who was there at the time, already testified that he saw nothing, but Otto, taking no chances, is leaving two of his hoods, Ralphie and Marvin, at Grogan's to make sure Willy doesn't change his story.

Willy returns to the camp as Walter and Joie climb into the ring. For the first two minutes, Walter absorbs a brutal beating as the more experienced Joie hits him with a barrage of punches. Then, all at once, Walter spots an opening and lets fly with a right. Joie goes down and out.

Willy, in debt to a platoon of bookies, is ecstatic for he sees in Walter a chance to pick up some quick money. "They'll love this gypsy on television," he tells Lew that night. "He's got an axe in his right hand and a bowling ball for a head." But Lew is opposed to the idea of making a fighter out of Walter. "All the kid ever had was a few lousy fights in the Army," he protests. "He don't even know how to hold his hands."

Suddenly, the kitchen door is ripped free from its hinges as Ralphie comes flying into the room, propelled by a savage right hand shot from Walter, who caught the hood making a pass at Dolly. "Thanks, Galahad," she murmurs gratefully. From then on Walter is known as "Galahad."

Rose Grogan, Willy's sister, unexpectedly arrives at the camp the following morning. Willy, who doesn't like her associating with fighters, is distressed to see her, but Rose insists on staying. Angered, Willy storms out of the room. A moment later, Walter enters and comes to a skidding stop at the sight of Rose. She is similarly stirred by the sight of Walter.

A few days go by. Walter, fighting under the name of "Kid Galahad," makes his professional bow against Ezzard "Bobo" Bailey, whom he knocks out in the first round with a single right hand blow to the jaw. Weeks later, following a series of sensational knockout victories, Walter proposes to Rose after they have been on a picnic. He tells her he is buying a half-interest in an auto shop in Cream Valley and plans to quit the ring after his next fight, to be sponsored by the people of Cream Valley. Rose, delighted to learn he has no real interest in fighting, accepts his proposal. Willy is absolutely furious at the news and he and Walter almost come to blows, but Dolly intervenes.

The following morning, Willy receives another jolt when he learns that Walter's final opponent will be the more experienced Sugar-Boy Romero, one of Otto Danzig's fighters. Otto, who is pulling the strings behind the scenes, figures to make a killing on the fight because the people of Cream Valley are sure to bet heavily on their own boy, Walter.

Dolly is furious when she hears about Romero and accuses Willy of deliberately over-matching Walter to get even with him for winning Rose's affections-against Willy's orders. After a bitter quarrel, Dolly moves out and returns to her old singing job at Shangri-La-Lieberman's, a family resort hotel down the road from Grogan's.

On the eve of the big fight, Otto visits the camp and offers Lew 500 dollars not to work in Walter's corner. "The kid cuts easily and the referee will have to stop it if you're not around to patch him up," Otto explains. Lew refuses.

Moments later, Willy returns and discovers that Marvin and Ralphie have broken both of Lew's hands. A real brawl erupts as Willy, insane with fury, leaps on both hoods. He is spared a savage beating by the sudden appearance of Walter, who leaps into the battle and batters both men into unconsciousness.

The next night, Walter, with Willy and the total population of Cream Valley cheering him on, knocks out Romero in the sixth round. Walter's dressing room is a scene of happy confusion as his supporters pour in to congratulate him. Suddenly, Willy spies Dolly standing outside in the corridor. He hurries out, takes her in his arms. At the same time the others file out of the room, leaving Walter and Rose standing there, gazing at each other lovingly.. End.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 78, July 1966)