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Wild In The Country
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Wild In The Country
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Wild In The Country - Recording Sessions
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Wild In The Country
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Movie Synopsis

The Tyler family consists of two sons, Glenn (played by Elvis) and Hank, and their father Sam Tyler. They are always fighting and one particularly bad fight results in Hank dying. Glenn is caught by the State Troopers and is accused of causing the death of Hank.

At the trial, character witnesses include the boy's Uncle Rolfe, Phil Macy a wealthy lawyer, Dr. Underwood, the parson and Irene Sperry a psychiatrist.

Glenn is remanded and is told to report once a week to Irene and in the mean-time takes a job at his uncle's quack medicine plant. Here Uncle Rolfe lives with his 19-year old daughter, Noreen and her baby. Glenn moves in to live with them.

That night Glenn's girl friend Betty Lee visits him. She has always had great faith in Glenn and is sure that he has literary talents. She tells Glenn that she and her mother are still on his side.

Glenn visits the psychiatrist, Irene and at first he is hostile towards her but gradually she wins his confidence and they become good friends, and she also encourages him to write.

Glenn keeps out of trouble for a while and then he takes Betty Lee to a dance and he is involved in a fight with Cliff Macy, Phil's worthless son.

Meanwhile Phil offers to divorce his wife if Irene will marry him. She says she will consider the question if he gets his divorce first. However Phil is worried about his son Cliff who has a weak heart and drinks heavily. He asks Irene to take him on as a patient and is far from pleased when he hears that another of her patients is Glenn. Alone with Noreen in the patent medicine factory that night, Glenn opens a bottle of medicine which is mostly alcohol and water, and Noreen confides in him that she has never married and suggests that they run away with her father's hidden money.

After finishing the story he has been writing Glenn takes it to Irene and she offers to introduce him to a college professor who can make a scholarship available to him.

On Sunday Betty Lee's father discovers Betty and Glenn together and accuses Glenn of being a young waster with a criminal record. In disgust Glenn returns to Noreen and the alcoholic drink. Later he and Noreen make a scene outside Irene's house in which he demands. his story back. Next day Irene returns his story.

On Noreen's birthday, Rolfe pretends he has just heard that his daughter's husband has died and he says he will make Glenn a partner in the business if he marries his daughter. In a scuffle Glenn pushes his uncle down and there is an immediate outcry against the young man who is still on parole. Irene calls Phil Macy and pleads with him to get Rolfe not to prefer charges against Glenn.

Glenn is very grateful to Irene for a new chance and he takes his re-written story to her. He also finds a new job in a garage. Later Irene takes him to the University where the Professor encourages him to try for a scholarship. On the way home in a violent storm they take shelter for the night in a motel. The motel is a regular overnight stop for Cliff Macy, who drives up with a girl and sees Irene go into Glenn's cabin for a book. Next day Irene goes to Phil Macy and says she is getting a little involved with someone else and offers to marry Phil.

Rolfe is still seeking revenge and he learns from the garage where Glenn is working that Cliff Macy says he saw Glenn and Irene at the motel. Rolfe goes to Phil Macy and Phil finds out that it is his own son who is spreading the rumour.

Glenn finally succeeds in seeing Irene and tells her that he loves her and while she is persuading him that there is no future for them, Phil enters and challenges them with the visit to the motel. Glenn asks who is spreading the rumour and when Irene says that she has promised to marry Phil, he rages off threatening to kill Cliff if he finds him. Irene upbraids Phil for shocking the boy and they part in anger.

Glenn goes to the factory where he and Noreen rifle the cash box. Taking with them Noreen's baby they set off in Rolfe's truck. They stop by the dance hall where Glenn challenges Cliff and knocks him out. At the State border they are stopped by troopers who inform Glenn that Cliff is dead.

At the inquest, feelings run high as the rumour of the motel incident has turned the town against Irene. Irene volunteers to give evidence and testifies that Cliff had a bad heart and probably died from this and not Glenn's blows. Phil, who is still bitter against Irene and is deter- mined Glenn shall hang for the killing of his son, testifies that there was nothing wrong with Cliff's heart. Irene flees from the court and tries to poison herself with exhaust fumes in her garage. She is saved just in time and when the news reaches court, Phil amends his statement admitting that his son probably died of a bad heart.

Glenn leaves for college, seen off by Irene while Noreen watches through the dirty windows of a waiting room.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 75, April 1966)