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February 25 1970 (Wednesday - Evening)
Airport Terminal, Houston, Texas
(Video footage of Elvis)        
Press Conference : Questions by the media 8:50     Closing Night - February 1970 (Madison)~Elvis For Everyone - Promo
2002~Elvis Speaks To You (LP)~Plantation Rock (LP) (wrongly dated
February 27)

March 1 1970 (Sunday - Afternoon)
Astroworld Hotel, Houston, Texas
Press Conference : Questions by the media
      Unreleased (transcript only)


March 1 1970 - Astroworld Hotel, Houston, Texas

At the Sunday afternoon press conference Elvis said he hadn't seen anything of Houston outside his hotel suite and the Astrodome. Elvis went on to tell reporters "I got a big thrill out of this appearance, I loved it. I know I'm signed to do the International Hotel in Las Vegas again, but nothing has been said about other personal appearances. I'd like to do them".

Later in the news conference he said "I knew it would be hard work at the Dome. There is no personal contact. I decided I just had to work as hard as I could, do the show and get off. The sound system bugged me the first night because I kept hearing my own echo. We had our own engineer and we got that all straightened out".

Colonel Parker was asked about further plans for personal appearance tours, to which he replied "I don't know anything".

During the conference hundreds of teenagers hung out of windows in adjoining wings of the hotel cheering Elvis. Elvis was great about the whole thing. He yelled "Hang on there babies, I'll be right out" and told the qudiences he loved them.

He was a warm and friendly man and happily shook hands with a couple of hundred people at the press conference and freely answered all their questions. The purpose of the Sunday afternoon conference was to give officers of the Houston Livestock Show, RCA Records and Sherriff Buster Kern a chance to pay tribute to Elvis and the Colonel.

As you know by now, Elvis broke every rodeo record. Louis Pearce, Buddy Bray and Dick Weekley, on behalf of the shows officers, presented him with a 'King Midas' Rolex watch valued at $2,500. The officers had presented one to Pearce when he turned over the presidential reins last year and Elvis admired it when when the group went to Las Vegas to make the deal for his coming here. Elvis laughed "I wasn't hinting". There are very few of these in the world and Elvis' is No. 343 to be made in the entire world. Elvis and the Colonel were also presented plaques naming them life members of the show.

Sherrif Kern told Elvis "I know you want to get out of town Monday and this will help you". He then gave Elvis a gold Deputy Sheriffs badge. Colonel Parker asked "How am I supposed to get out of town? Do you want me to hitchhike?". So Buster presented the Colonel with one too.

Elvis was also given a stetson. Then Elvis said "I should be given an award for nerve".

RCA Vice-President Rocco Loginestra was on hand to present Elvis with five gold records. They were 'In The Ghetto', 'Suspicious Minds', 'Don't Cry Daddy' and two albums 'Elvis At The International' and 'From Elvis In Memphis'. It is reported that this is the first time any artist has received five gold records in one year.

It was noted by many reporters that a very interesting thing was taking place. Elvis had been in the business nearly sixteen years now, and the children of his original fans were "Tearing down the roof" at his performances. As teenyboppers tapped on the window outside, a newsman asks "How do women in their twenties and thirties react to you now?" "Well, it varies" he said with a wide grin.

"And what's your father up to these days?". A white haired man, stepping into the TV cameras quipped "What's the trouble here?" It was Vernon Presley, looking more dapper than in his Memphis days. Vernon is Elvis' father.

And then there was Colonel Tom Parker. "Well that's it... Let's go" he said with a wave of his cigar, and the press conference was over.

(Source : Transcript 'Elvis Monthly' Magazine No. 125 - June 1970 & 'Strictly Elvis' Magazine No. 24 - June 1970)

(Thanks to Simon De Wit)

January 16 1971 (Saturday - Afternoon)
Memphis Holiday Inn Rivermont, Memphis, Tennessee
Press Conference : Questions by the media

January 16 1971 (Saturday)
'Jaycee's Awards' Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, Tennessee
(Video footage of Elvis)
Award for being one of the top ten
'Outstanding Young Men Of The Year'
5819 This Is Elvis (Vinyl)(excerpt - wrongly dated January 9 1971)~This Is
Elvis (FTD)(excerpt)+The Comp.Word For Word CD4~Let's Take It On
Home Again Volume 2 (edited)+Tape

April 1971 (Exact Date Unknown)
'Telephone Call' from Denver, Colorado to Memphis, Tennessee
Conversation with Ron Wentz 7:10     Moody Blue & Other Great Performances~In The Shadow Of A Legend
~Snowbird Revisited

March 31 1972 (Friday)
RCA Studio A, Hollywood, California
(Video footage of Elvis)
Interviewers : Pierre Adidge & Robert Abel        
Interview with Elvis 11:10     Elvis On Tour - Deluxe Edition (Amiga)~The Comp. Word For Word CD5
(track 1)~The Complete On Tour Sessions Volume 2
Interview with Vernon Presley 7:10     Elvis On Tour - Deluxe Edition (Amiga)
Interview with George Klein 4:36     Elvis On Tour - Deluxe Edition (Amiga)

June 9 1972 (Friday)
New York Hilton, New York
(Video footage of Elvis)
Press Conference : Questions by the media 20:44
5820 This Is Elvis (FTD)(excerpt)+Elvis For Everyone - Promo 2002 (comp)

July 1972 (Exact Date Unknown)
(Location Unknown)
Interviewers : Pierre Adidge & Robert Abel 44:23     The Complete Word For Word CD5 (track 2 - wrongly dated March 30)
+The Complete Word For Word II (edited - dated March)+Elvis On Tour
- Deluxe Edition (Amiga)
(intro edited)+All That I Am (complete)

August 4 1972 (Friday)
Las Vegas, Nevada
(Video footage of Elvis)
Elvis accepts awards from RCA for Gold Records
(Madison Square Garden - LP & The Wonder Of You - Single)
0:35     A Legendary Performer Volume 6

September 4 1972 (?)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Interviewer : Tony Prince 1:22     The Complete Word For Word CD5 (wrongly dated Summer 1973?)

September 5 1972 (Tuesday)
Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, Nevada
Press Announcement : 'Aloha From Hawaii' 4:01     From Hollywood To Vegas (LP)+The Press Conferences Vol 2+Hot
Shots & Cool Clips (DVD)+Aloha From Hawaii - Special Edition (DVD)

November 20 1972 (Monday)
Hawaiian Village Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii
(Video footage of Elvis)
Press Conference : Questions by the media 12:39     Aloha From Hawaii - Special Edition (DVD)+Crazy, The Funny Side
Of Elvis Presley (complete)

January 9 1973 (Tuesday)
Honolulu, Hawaii - 'Elvis Arrives In Hawaii'
(Video footage of Elvis)
Interviewer : Tom Moffatt 1:09     Tape~A Legendary Performer Volume 8

August 1973 (Exact Date Unknown)
'Elvis' Suite' - Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, Nevada
Meeting Japanese fans 2:15     The Complete Word For Word II

August 31 1973 (Friday)
Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, Nevada
Interviewer : Tony Prince 0:27     The Complete Word For Word CD5 (dated 1972 or 1973)

January 30 1974 (Wednesday)
'Elvis' Suite' - Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, Nevada
Meeting fans 0:19     The Complete Word For Word CD5

August 9 1975 (Saturday)
Liberty Bowl Stadium, Memphis, Tennessee
Interviewer : Harold Johnson 0:30     The Complete Word For Word II~Elvis Touchdown

October 12 1976 (Tuesday)
'Telephone Call' from Los Angeles to Memphis, Tennessee
Conversation with Red West 49:41     A Failure To Communicate

June 21 1977 (Tuesday)
'Backstage' Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, South Dakota
(Video footage of Elvis)        
Meeting Mayor Lacroix & Monique Brave 1:30     The Complete Word For Word CD5~Elvis Touchdown~As I Leave You

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