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Recording Sessions
Last Updated: March 3rd 2019
Recording Sessions 1950s
Memphis Recording Service
Sun Records / RCA Studios / Studio B
20th Century Fox Stage 1
Radio Recorders
Paramount / MGM Sound Stage

Update: 'Made In Germany (MRS)'
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1960 - 1962
Last Updated: April 5th 2021
Recording Sessions 1960 - 1962
RCA Studios and Studio B
Radio Recorders
Paramount Scoring Stage
MGM Sound Stage

Update: 'The His Hand In Mine Sessions (FTD)'
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1963 - 1966
Last Updated: November 17th 2019
Recording Sessions 1963 - 1966
Radio Recorders
RCA Studio B
MGM Sound Stage
Goldwyn Studios
Paramount Scoring Stage

Update: 'Back In Living Stereo (MRS)'
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1967 - 1969
Last Updated: June 11th 2020
Recording Sessions 1967 - 1969
RCA Studio A and B
Annex Studios (Radio Recorders)
MGM Sound Stage
United Recorders / Western Recorders
NBC Studios / American Sound

Update: '1969 Recording Sessions'
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Last Updated: August 10th 2020
Recording Sessions 1970s
RCA Studio A, B and C
Honolulu International Center
Palm Springs / Stax Studio
The Jungle Room
Creative Workshop

Update: 'From Elvis In Nashville'
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Last Updated: November 19th 2019
Recording Sessions 1980s
Young'un Sound
Warner Brothers
House Of David
(Re-recordings / Remixes / Overdubs)

Update: 'Guitar Man Sessions'
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