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May 9 / 10 1957
(+ means you need both    ~ means same material    °° means stereo or binaural    ° means mono)
(SFS = Short False Start | FS = False Start | LFS or BD (Breakdown) = Long False Start | PB (Playback) or Complete = Complete Take)

MGM Sound Stage - Hollywood, California
Soundtrack Session for MGM's 'Jailhouse Rock'
MGM Producer : Jeffrey Alexander
Engineer : Fred Mulculpin
(1.00pm - 4.15pm)

Musicians:   Backup Vocals:
Guitar: Elvis Presley The Jordanaires: Gordon Stoker; Neal Matthews; Hoyt Hawkins; Hugh
Guitar: Scotty Moore Jarrett
Bass: Bill Black  
Drums: D.J. Fontana  
Piano: Dudley Brooks  
Piano: Elvis Presley ('Don't Leave Me Now' - #1 movie version)

Don't Leave Me Now (#2 movie version)
H2WB 6783
2022 May 9 1957 (Thur)
Take 1        
Take 2 Complete 2:00    
Take 3        
Take 4        
Take 5        
Take 6 Complete 1:52    
Take 7        
Take 8 Complete 1:45 "N.G."  
Take 9        
Take 10        
Take 11        
Take 12 M 2:16 MGM movie version #2
& RCA record version master
original time note "2:02"
Jailhouse Rock Vol. 2 CD2 (FTD)°~Jailhouse Rock Vol. 1 CD1 (FTD)°
(track 4)~The Complete Elvis Presley Masters 3 (Sony)°~Rockin' Rebel
(Franklin Mint Comp. Masters Collection 31)°~Jailhouse Rock (1997)°
~The Complete '50s Movie Masters And Session Recordings 1 (MRS)°
~Loving You (24 Bit)°~50's Box 3°+Jailhouse Rock Volume 1 CD1 (FTD
- movie master)° (track 20 - count-in)~The Complete '50s Movie Masters
& Session Recordings 5 (MRS)°~Essential Elvis Vol 1° (count-in - edited)

Don't Leave Me Now (movie set version)
Take NA   0:15 (possibly recorded on movie set) Jailhouse Rock Volume 1 CD1 (FTD)° (track 18)~The Complete '50s
Movie Masters And Session Recordings 1 (MRS)°~Soundtrack°

Don't Leave Me Now (#1 movie version)
HRA1 8685
2023 May 9 1957 (Thur)
Take 1        
Take 2 (M) 2:13 MGM movie version #1 master Jailhouse Rock Volume 1 CD1 (FTD)° (track 19 - count-in)~The Complete
'50s Movie Masters And Session Recordings 5 (MRS)° (count-in)
~Soundtrack° (1:30)

Jailhouse Rock (male overdubs)
H2WB 6780
2024 May 9 1957 (Thur)
Overdub M 2:41 Male chorus overdub of composite
- Alternate movie version
Jailhouse Rock Volume 1 CD1 (FTD)° (track 26 - complete)
~Jailhouse Rock (1997)°~Elvis Chante Leiber & Stoller°
~Essential Elvis Volume 1°

Jailhouse Rock (movie version)
    (Late July 1957)
Overdub M 2:58 Extra male chorus & instrumental
overdubs of 2024

MGM movie version
Jailhouse Rock Volume 1 CD1 (FTD)°° (track 23)~The Complete '50s
Movie Masters And Session Recordings 1 (MRS)°°~Soundtrack°

Jailhouse Rock (movie opening theme)
2527 (Late July 1957)
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
Take 5
Take 6 M 1:23 Jailhouse Rock Volume 1 CD1 (FTD)°°

Oh My, You Lied
  2025 May 9 1957
      (not used / not recorded?)  

Don't Leave Me Now (instrumental)
  2026 May 10 1957 (Fri)
Take 1     "Quartet to track"  
Take 2        
Take 3 M 2:02   Soundtrack°

One More Day (2nd movie version - prison TV version)
  2027 May 10 1957 (Fri)
Take NA M 0:49+ (Mickey Shaugnessy) Soundtrack°

One More Day (1st movie version - solo version)
  2028 May 10 1957 (Fri)
Take NA M 1:13 (Mickey Shaugnessy) Soundtrack°

What Have Ya Gotta Lose?
  2029 May 10 1957
      (not used / not recorded?)  


All songs were recorded in binaural

The session tapes for 'Don't Leave Me Now' (2022 and 2023) are still missing, all that remains are the mono masters on a master tape reel.

The 15 second solo tryout of 'Don't Leave Me Now', sung just before #1 version in the movie may have been recorded in the studio.

The master of 'Don't Leave Me Now' from this date was released by mistake on the Japanese 24 bit paper sleeve edition of Loving You, where it should have been the master from February 23 used on that release.

'Jailhouse Rock (male overdubs)' runs 2% too fast on Essential Elvis, Jailhouse Rock (1997) and Elvis Chante Leiber & Stoller.

In March of 2007, Sony decided to go through all of Elvis' masters. They retransferred everything and remastered all tracks including repairing as many clicks, pops, bad edits and dropouts as they could. They have used these newly mastered recordings on their new releases since 2007 including budget soundtracks, Legacy releases, the 30 disc Complete Elvis Presley Masters collection and the Franklin Mint package.

Notes from a review of Jailhouse Rock Volume 1 (FTD) by Piers Beagley (Elvis Information Network)

Don't Leave Me Now

An interesting song as RCA decided to go with the "movieversion" rather than the expected "hit record" version. There is also a variety of arrangements that make it one of Elvis' most interesting fifties soundtrack songs.
Elvis had tried recording 'Don't Leave Me Now' three months before during the Loving You album sessions. Then they had tried 29 takes before deciding on an unsatisfactory master. Now Elvis would reintroduce the song for Jailhouse Rock. Once again Elvis would try over twenty takes to get a satisfactory 'hit record' version and twelve to complete the 'movie version.
With a total of over sixty takes in total! this has to be the Elvis song that he worked at the most in his whole career.

(CD1, track 4) the original - The final record release starts with that cool piano intro and it is interesting that RCA decided to release this 'MGM movie version' rather than the movie's 'hit record' version which Elvis had worked on so hard. This is at a slightly faster tempo than the 'hit record' version and has that big Jordanaires ending.

(track 20) movie "recording studio" version 2 (Take 12) - This is the original EP record release but this time the MGM master. This version features the movie tape count-in and the audio is more compressed compared to the RCA version. Otherwise, of course, it's the same.

(track 18) movie set version - A very short glimpse of Elvis playing the song on the movie set, alone and accompanying himself on guitar. Sadly only twelve seconds long before it fades.

(track 19) movie "recording studio" version 1 (Take 2) - Very different with only a rolling piano and bass accompaniment. This early film version has Elvis filling in for his own backing vocals "like a book on a shelf."

Jailhouse Rock

(CD1, track 26) male vocal overdubs - This is the early initial overdub with Male chorus but no orchestra. This is a nice new addition since unlike the previous release on Essential Elvis there is no fade-out and the song continues until the abrupt ending. Great listening.

(track 23) movie version - The full movie version that you know so well. In fine quality and in stereo since the MGM orchestral overdubs were in stereo.

(track 14) movie opening theme - This is something new for FTD as for the first time they feature the movie's orchestral opening theme. Although in stereo it is only the actual MGM lions roar that is in stereo. A quirky nice addition.

© Copyright the Elvis Information Network

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