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October 7 1960
(+ means you need both    ~ means same material    °° means stereo or binaural    ° means mono)
(SFS = Short False Start | FS = False Start | LFS or BD (Breakdown) = Long False Start | PB (Playback) or Complete = Complete Take)

Radio Recorders Studio B - Hollywood, California
Soundtrack Session for 20th Century Fox's Flaming Star
20th Century Fox Producer : Steve Urban Thielmann
Engineer : Thorne Nogar
(8.00pm - 11.00pm)

Musicians:   Backup Vocals:
Guitar: Howard Roberts The Jordanaires: Gordon Stoker; Neal Matthews; Hoyt Hawkins; Ray
Guitar: Hilmer J. 'Tiny' Timbrell Walker
Bass: Michael 'Myer' Rubin  
Drums: Bernie Mattinson  
Piano: Dudley Brooks  
Accordion: Jimmie Haskell  

Flaming Star
M2PB 1987
  October 7 1960 (Fri)
Take 1 Complete 2:20   Flaming Star (FTD)°°~The Complete Movie Masters 1960-62 3 (MRS)°°
Take 2 Complete 2:30   Flaming Star (FTD)°°~Close Up 2°°
Take 3 LFS 2:02 "Lonely Man" "All In The Game" Flaming Star (FTD)°°~The Complete Movie Masters 1960-62 3 (MRS)°°
Take 4 Complete 2:45 "Flaming Arrow" Flaming Star (FTD)°°+Today, Tomorrow And Forever 2°
Take 5 Complete 2:36   Flaming Star (FTD)°°~The Complete Movie Masters 1960-62 3 (MRS)°°
Take 6 M 2:29 (2:38 with count-in) Flaming Star (FTD)°° (count-in)~Comp. Elvis Presley Masters 6 (Sony)°°
~Big Screen Drama (Franklin Mint Comp. Masters Collection 32)°°~Elvis
For Everyone (FTD)°°~Complete Single Collection 10°°~Double Features
- Flaming Star / Wild In The Country / Follow That Dream°°~The Comp.
Movie Mast' 60-62 1 (MRS)°°+Celluloid Rock 2-1°° (track - with count-in
& v.o.)~The Wild In The Country & Flaming Star Sessions (Flashlight)°°
(track - with count-in & v.o.)

Flaming Star (end title)
WPA5 2547
  October 7 1960 (Fri)
Take 1 Complete 0:54   Flaming Star (FTD)°° (count-in)~Today, Tomorrow & Forever 2°
Take 2 Complete      
Take 3 FS 0:35   Flaming Star (FTD)°°
Take 4 Complete 0:55 (used for spliced master) Flaming Star (FTD)°°
Take 5 Complete 0:41 (used for spliced master) Double Feat's - Flaming Star / Wild In The Country / Follow That Dream°°
Spliced M 0:42 Spliced from Take 5
& ending of Take 4
Flaming Star (FTD)°°


On the bootleg Celluloid Rock Volume 2 and the public domain release The Wild In The Country & Flaming Star Sessions the master of 'Flaming Star' was released both as a 3-channel mix and as instrumental track with just the two instrumental channels. This gives the impression that the vocals were overdubbed, but this is incorrect as slight bleeding of the vocal track reveals how this mix was done.

What is interesting about these versions is that the 'track' actually contains the count-in, and both the 'track' and 'vocal overdub' are complete and not faded at the end.

In March of 2007, Sony decided to go through all of Elvis' masters. They retransferred everything and remastered all tracks including repairing as many clicks, pops, bad edits and dropouts as they could. They have used these newly mastered recordings on their new releases since 2007 including budget soundtracks, Legacy releases, the 30 disc Complete Elvis Presley Masters collection and the Franklin Mint package.

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Flaming Star
Flaming Star
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October 7 1960
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Flaming Star
Flaming Star

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Flaming Star
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