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August 9 1968
(+ means you need both    ~ means same material    °° means stereo or binaural    ° means mono)
(SFS = Short False Start | FS = False Start | LFS or BD (Breakdown) = Long False Start | PB (Playback) or Complete = Complete Take)

RCA Studio B - Nashville, Tennessee
Producer : Felton Jarvis
Engineer : Al Pachucki
(4.00pm - 9.00pm)

Musicians:   Backup Vocals:
Norbert Putnam Priscilla Hubbard; Dorothy Dillard; William Wright; Louis Nunley
Drums: Murray 'Buddy' Harman  
Steel Guitar: Jerry Byrd  
Guitar: Ray Edenton  

Beyond The Reef (overdub)
WWA4 4744
  August 9 1968 (Fri)
Overdub M 3:11 Overdub of TPA4 0919-02
- recorded on May 27 1966
Elvis Aron Presley 3°° (no backup vocals)+Elvis Sings Guitar Man (FTD)°°
+The How Great Thou Art Sessions 1 (FTD)°° (backup vocals)


This overdubbed version of 'Beyond The Reef' was first released on the 8-LP set Elvis Aron Presley in 1980, albeit without the backing vocals.

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Beyond The Reef
Beyond The Reef

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Beyond The Reef
Beyond The Reef (Thanks to Christopher Brown)